Welcome to Homeschooling

LHN is a support group for area homeschoolers. We work to connect new and veteran homeschoolers to local groups, classes, clubs, sports, events, social activities, volunteer opportunities, and most importantly, each other. We actively encourage our members to share their talents and knowledge with the group and create classes and opportunities to interact. Our Facebook page is an open forum for members to ask questions, seek advice, and connect with each other. It is not a place to sell or ask for non-homeschooling advice. LHN is open to all area homeschoolers regardless of religion, homeschool style, or support group affiliation.

To join our Facebook group, please send a friend request to Karissa Jones. This is the contact page for event invites and all messaging for LHN. You will receive a message from Karissa regarding homeschooling and your location. You must live within a 2 hour radius of Lubbock and either be actively homeschooling a school-aged (5-18 yo) child or seriously considering it. If you do not use Facebook please feel free to email us at lubbockhomeschool@gmail.com for more information.

LHN has been connecting local homeschoolers since 2005.